Sunday, August 22, 2010

Whew-what a week!

We've had a busy couple of days (just what I tell my clients not to do) but things are improving every day. The boys are trying new foods and sharing more about what they like and dislike. Today they discovered ranch dressing and baked beans. Amsalu is mimicing everyone. Today he learned "follow me" from an old Transformers TV show Matt found on DVD (More than meets the eye).
The view of my back seats in the van now.

We were blessed to have Sue & Julie Hedberg stay with us Thursday -Saturday. Sue is the director of Celebrate Children International, the adoption agency we used. Friday night we had a get together of families who had adopted using CCI, many with Ethiopian children.

Sue and Chloe

Ellie Kedest Prosser and Charis Haskins

Holly and Jeff Prosser (photo by Amsalu)

lots of kids (photo by Amsalu)

Photo by Amsalu

No idea who took this one

Meredith, Curtis and Hensley Hannah (photo by Chloe)

Jeff Wills-awaiting a referral from ET (photo by Amsalu)

Julie and Sue with the whole Kinnell family

We celebrated one week home and Aunt Buffy moving back to KY by eating out at Pizza H*t. The boys have made it clear that they like pizza and I think they ate their weight in pizza last night.
Amsalu & Ababa

Mommy & Chloe

Ready for church-Michael was not quite sure about going into a new situation, but he did fine and was polite when people greeted him.

Apparently tonight, the youth group was watching a video that included a scene of the Crucifixion and our boys walked out and rejoined us in the main service. I have no clue how to explain to them what happened. We also have a large picture of the crucifixion on the wall by our pew and I noticed Amsalu staring at it this morning. I'm sure the boys have so many questions, but just do not have the English skills to express it. We might have to Skype with some older boys from the same orphanage who now live in the US to explain this one.


Anonymous said...

Amy, Matt and Family,

I so enjoy reading your blog each day. The pictures are wonderful, no matter who took them. The boys have beautiful smiles, as do the girls. I am so happy for you all. I pray that the questions about the crucifiction will become answered and accepted as time goes by. You are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up.

Aunt Karen

MaryKay said...

Feel free to Skype us! I am so happy that you posted about that get together! So good to see all those faces.