Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What a Day!

Emotional overload cannot begin to describe the day. I even cried at church tonight and for those of you who really know me, I never cry. In fact, I can remember the last time I cried. It was February 28, 2009 for reasons that I won't go into now. Luckily (or unfortunately) there were only 6 of us at prayer meeting tonight and the 2 other ladies there had already shed tears over different matters.

Anyways, on to the reason you all follow our blog. Matt texted me twice today to let me know he had the boys and that they had a very rough day. Isaiah had a hard time leaving the nannies at the transition house, and rightly so as he has lived there for almost 2 months now. Matt said things got better once they went back to the guest house and played some soccer. But his next text said that both boys had been in tears in the evening and he was trying to calm everyone down by watching "Cars". Where would we be without the geniuses at Pix*r. Please pray that everyone gets a good night sleep and tomorrow goes better. I know Matt was exhausted from traveling so the poor guy must be just drained. He also relayed the fact that our 10 year old does in fact want to be called Michael, the name he goes by in Ethiopia, and not by Isaiah, the name we've been calling him because Micah and Michael was just too confusing. In the 2nd text Matt clarified that Michael really likes to be called Mikey so now we have Mikey (age 10) and Micah (who doesn't speak any English so can't express an opinion right now) (age 8). We are totally fine with Micheal keeping the name he knows as honestly, this is the only thing the poor kid has to claim as his own. But just wanted you all know know that its Mikey and Micah, which of course will be more confusing than ever.

The sweetest moment of the day happened a few minutes ago when the girls and I were praying before they went to bed. I told each of them they could pray for Ababa and the boys and they each did pray that the boys wouldn't be scared and cry anymore and that Ababa (& the boys) would come home safe. When each was done they said, "The End". (God has to be smiling about that one.) Then I told them I wanted to pray and as I started, both of them wrapped their arms around me and hugged me tight throughout the whole prayer. When I said "amen" they both kissed me on the cheek without a word. How do kids know just when you need them to be so sweet?!?!

Now, on to school stories...the girls came home from school beside themselves with the joys of school. Essie said, "Mommy, I was quiet and listened and I had an excellent day!" Chloe was thrilled they got to see their friend Jenna in the cafeteria. She also relayed a very animated story about some boys in her class who kept talking to each other about their new shoes and that Mrs. Johnson had to keep reminding them to be quiet. They also showed me the various hand gestures they have to use when they need to line up or push their chairs in or go to the bathroom (no, Kelly, its not that gesture). They are also in awe with the fact that if they have good behavior all week, they get to watch a movie on Fridays. I mean, if you want to bribe my children in any way, its with a movie. The girls cannot get enough. They even watched Oklahoma with me yesterday as I did their hair. I wish I could have recorded the whole first hour they were home and the many stories they relayed. Telling you all does not do it justice. You really need to see them as the reenact the day. Tonight as I was trying to collect them from kids church, I told them we needed to hurry because they had to go to bed so they could get up for school tomorrow and Essie said, "we go to school again tomorrow???" Yes my child, you go to school 5 days a week for the next 13 years, at least.


Garth said...

I'm betting it's going to be an interesting road ahead of you (nice way of say it ain't gonna be easy).
I'll skip words of encouragement and I'll follow the girls lead. I'm giving you guys a hug (trust me your screen should look funny now, there isn't much give to these plastic cases)and I will keep praying for ya.
unc Garth

Anonymous said...

I am praying here for your husband and the boys adjustment.We had the language issues with our Sam and he has a severe speech impediment to go along with it.We used alot of "sign languge" and just showing each other what we wanted.YOur girls are precious and will help to make the boys homecoming smoother.

MaryKay said...

When Mikey gets home, can I have Obsi call him? Anything else I can do to help??? Does Obsi know Micah? Do you have Skype? Obsi loved the Transition House! Loved the nannies and the food! But he does love America more. Amy, it is OK to have a Mikey and a Micah! Matt isn't at New Flower. is he??? Yonaton is such a blessing in the way that he can really talk to the boys, in their language, and encourage them.

Praying for them!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised about any of this--Jesus knows all and has His very best plans for every member of your family. The only thing that surprises me is that you were "doing the girls' hair!" :-) Amy has come a LONG way with the girls!!!
Love you all