Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Hike in Red River Gorge

While Amy was off working on a sunny Saturday, Matt and the kids made the drive down the Mountain Parkway to Red River Gorge for a few hours out in nature.  We explored the Koomer Ridge area of the gorge.

Hidden Arch

Our kids really do have a lot of fun hiking.  Especially if there are rocks to explore.

Chloe loves to find "rock seats".

Looking back through the arch


AJ and Essie out on a ledge

We love finding holes in the rocks

Climbing twins

We are firm believers that kids need a little daring activity in their lives.  (Within reason, of course.)


Chloe was very photogenic today.

This camera angle makes AJ look 7 feet tall, even though he's not.  (Not yet anyway.)

Dozens of amazing things seen today, but we just can't stop talking about the black snake along the trail.

Under the Silver Mine Arch

Believe it or not, the hike up these 79 stairs was not nearly as easy as the climb down.

This frightening picture has a very interesting story to go with it.  As Chloe was getting a little too close for my comfort, this conversation happened:
Dad: "Chloe, get back from there. I don't want you to fall."
Chloe: "Why?"
AJ: "Because there's not two Chloes. That means you're valuable to the world."

To understand what a big deal that statement by AJ was, you would have to have been with us a few weeks ago when he stated during a movie that it was a good thing that a character died, because they didn't have enough food. Our son is slowly overcoming the harsh realities of his birth culture and beginning to think with compassion and see the value of each individual life. Thank you, Jesus. 

Getting weary, but we still have a smile for the camera.

Heading back to the truck, tired and ready to go home.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

If You Wouldn't Say It About A Boob Job...

Jesse Buttworth & family made this great video regarding those awkward questions that adoptive families hear.  I love it!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

AJ Soccer Highlights

One of the other parents takes great photos at AJ's soccer games.  Here are a few of AJ in action:

AJ is lightning fast, as opposing defenders have learned.

This was AJ's first goal of the season.

 Waiting to check in

 Another goal for AJ!

Not bad for a 4th grader.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

AJ Scores a Goal

You will have to blow this video up to full size and many have to watch it more than once, but you can see AJ score a goal.  (AJ is just to the right of the goal - makes a nifty move around the defender and scores.)  FINALLY, the mom curse is broken.  AJ has been scoring at every game I haven't attended (almost anyways) but when I am able to go to the games, it seems he never scores.  His team won against our cross-town rivals 4-1 last night.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Working with the Cousins

Forgot to post these pics from the cousins' visit a few weeks ago.  Since I've been sidelined with a torn rotator cuff, my sister decided to help me clear out our property line from a bunch of vines, brush and briers. 
AJ headed up the group, but of course Shelby didn't want to be left out. We also recruited neighborhood children(of course).

Cleaning vines out of the tree

Had to call in the big guns to clear out the vines


Snack time!

Monday, April 7, 2014

Jumprope Fever

AJ has enjoyed another season on his school's jumprope team. 
His skills have also improved greatly.

AJ & his good buddy Nathan

I wish you could see AJ's face better in this one.  His tongue is out in concentration, just like my Grandpa Neild did all the time.

The whole school started chanting "AJ! AJ!" during his recent solo performance at the school.

The team travels to local venues for several of their performances.
This performance was the half-time show at an Asbury University Women's Basketball game.

The girls have 1 more year before they are eligible to be on the team, but they have gone crazy with learning new skills in the hopes of making the team next year.