Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tickets Purchased

Tonight we purchased the tickets for Matt's trip to Ethiopia to bring home our boys. He will leave Monday, August 9th, and return with the boys about midnight on Saturday, August 14th. The best fair we could find happened to be on Egypt Air, an itinerary that features an 11-hour layover in Cairo for Matt on the way over. Plenty of time to see the pyramids and the sphinx!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Travel Update

Our paperwork is being submitted to the US Embassy tomorrow. In theory, that means Matt should be leaving on Aug. 9th to get the boys (a week from Monday!). But the embassy has been pulling random cases for further investigation. If our cases are pulled, this could seriously delay the boys coming home because the embassy will ask for further documentation. This is an issue because the boys' villages are 14 and 12 hours from Addis Ababa. It just creates a headache logistically. Since it took 3 months to get the needed documentation from Isaiah's village to even get our case submitted to the Ethiopian courts, we are asking everyone to pray that the embassy accepts our paperwork, without further delay. We should know tomorrow if we are able to travel or if we will be delayed. We'll keep you posted!

p.s. Rejoicing with our friends the Waggoners ( today at the finalization of their son's adoption from Albania. The process is a bit different in Albania so they will have to make a 2nd trip to pick him up, but he's officially a Waggoner! YAY! Another orphan has been redeemed.

I'm Going On A Bear Hunt

The girls imaginations have been in overdrive lately. Monday they told me they were bear hunting and taking their "monster dog" (Caesar) to help them track down the bears. They loaded up their backpacks with their jump ropes and their stuffed animals and off they went.

They hunted for a while inside and then decided they were in the cold place where the penguins are so they put on their jackets. Now remember at 10am in KY in July, it is already 80 degrees so I only let them play outside like this for a few minutes, then I made them take the jackets off.

Off they go on their great expedition

Whistle While You Work

Growing up, my family always had cleaning chores on Saturday. One kid would clean bathrooms while another dusted and another vacuumed etc. I figured I might as well get the girls started on this routine, though I'm usually working on Saturdays. They thought it was fun to clean the bathrooms, until they got tired and bored (typical kids).

Chloe working on the sink

Essie figured it was easier to clean the tub by just getting in it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New Pictures of Michael

We received these new pictures of Michael this weekend. Amsalu should be making the 14-hour trip to join Michael in the capital next week, so hopefully we will have new pictures of him soon as well.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ordinary Heroes

One of the blogs that I follow is documenting their mission trip to Ethiopia to visit several of the orphanages that our adoption agency works with. I thought you all might want to follow their journey and learn more about Ethiopia and their beautiful people along the way.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Children of the corn (and other garden produce)

Just a quick gardening update. The girls helped me pick out the rest of our first batch of corn on Friday. It was a pretty disappointing corn crop, but since it was our 1st, I guess that's to be expected. We did eat corn for a couple of meals but I was only able to freeze about 4 cups. Lesson from this year's 1st corn crop-we need more space for more corn!

I love Chloe's expression in this photo. For all of you that have seen Chloe in person, you know she has the best facial expressions.

Again, Chloe, what is the deal with your expression???

This is Chloe's attempt at posing her and Essie for a photo

This is Chloe getting mad at Essie because she isn't posing the way Chloe wants her to

Finally, got the pose right so both are now smiling

I also made my first batch of salsa on Saturday. I had 1 more pint, but we've eaten it already. From the looks of things below, I'll be making my next batch of salsa in the next couple of days. Nothing like 90+ degree days with thunderstorms at night to bring on the tomatoes.

We are going all natural with our hair this week to give it a rest. Chloe is sporting the yellow headband and Essie is in orange.

New pics of Michael

We came home from church yesterday to find some new pics of Michael in our inbox. Our agency director is in Ethiopia right now so snapped a few for us. Michael was brought to the transition house in Addis Ababa a month ago. They hope to bring Amsalu to the house from the orphanage (14 hour drive) this week or next. We hope to get new pics of him soon as well.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Meet Michael

Michael has been at the Kamashi Orphanage for about five years. Here are some pictures:

September 2009

January 2010

June 2010 (in a Kentucky shirt we sent him)

July 2010

Meet Amsalu

Amsalu has been in the Kamashi Orphanage for about three years. (This is the same orphanage that our girls were in.) Here are some pictures through the years:

March 2008

September 2008

March 2009 (This picture was taken on our trip to bring home our girls.)

September 2009

January 2010

June 2010 (holding gifts we sent for him)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The email from our agency director (who is in Ethiopia) had a subject line saying "cases passed!" We are now a family of six! Waiting to hear what our travel date will be...will keep you updated.

Amsalu, age 8

Michael, age 10

Monday, July 12, 2010

Growing up

My babies are growing up WAY too fast. Today I realized that they start school in 4 weeks! AH!!! The girls are starting to show much more independence, which is good since I keep reminding them that Mommy can't go to school with them.

Saturday, Mommy was feeling generous after working all day and decided to let them make their own PB&J sandwiches. We decided one would do the jelly while the other did the peanut butter. They did pretty good.

Chloe did the peanut butter and Essie did the jelly

Essie couldn't wait for Chloe to get her act together, she just had to dig in

Chloe's classic "what??" face, which usually cracks Essie up

This morning, I was summoned upstairs because they had a "big surprise" to show me. They had emptied the dishwasher and loaded the dirty dishes into it from the sink all by themselves. Chloe was sure to tell me, "don't worry mommy, I was bery careful with the sharp knives."

The girls are on such a good roll that I let them help me with laundry next

Essie's job was to hand the towels to Chloe to put in the dryer, but Chloe wanted her turn too.

Eventually, neither could reach the washcloths in the bottom so mommy was called in for assistance

Vacuuming came next-Essie's using my Cone vacuum that my in-laws got me a few years ago for Christmas. Its doesn't seem to be holding a charge as long as it used to, but it still works great for getting dog hair that accumulates along the baseboard.

I love this little Eurek* 4-in-1 vacuum. I bought it about a year ago and the handle adjusts so the girls think its "just my size". Of course I encourage all vacuuming so yes, girls, this vacuum is just for you!

p.s. Don't forget our next court date is Wed. Please pray that the "correct" uncle will show up at court and that our case will pass without further delays.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

First trip to the eye doctor

Today the girls had their first trip to the eye doctor. Everything looked good, just a long afternoon.

Chloe was up first

I have no idea what this test was for but the girls liked wearing the cool glasses

Essie's turn

Essie chillin' while we wait for the doctor to come in