Friday, October 12, 2018

Family Photo Shoot 2018

We booked our favorite photographer, Moments Captured by Hannah, for our annual Fall Break family photo shoot, but Fall did not arrive.  It was 85 degrees for our "Fall" photo shoot.  Anyway, we went to the historic Ashland Henry Clay Estate in Lexington for this year's photos, and everyone was excited as always to get their picture took.  

Essie was our color coordinator this year and went with the orange and navy scheme.

A.J., age 16

Chloe, age 13

Essie, age 13

Chloe showing her hairdo, done by an African friend for the occasion.

Essie got a new 'do as well. 

Dad & Mom






That's the Henry Clay mansion in the background.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dad!

We celebrated Matt's birthday over the weekend. He wanted an Ale-8-1 cake and since I (Amy) am not the cake boss of this family, I cheated just a bit by using Ale-8 bottle caps as decorations.

Matt's big gift was tickets to the UK-Mississippi State football game.
The weather called for rain all day and Mississippi State was ranked 14th in the nation but Matt and the girls decided to carry-on and in the end, the game was AMAZING!

A little rainy, but ready to roll

Here come the Cats!

Lining up for a score

Touchdown, Benny Snell!

Enjoying the halftime show

And there's another touchdown for Benny!

The stadium was rocking!

Big win!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Girls' 13th Birthday

We now have 3 teenagers in our house.  Since the girls have been in middle school for a year already, I feel like we've had 3 teenagers for more than a year now but the magnitude that all 3 will be out of the house in just a few short years seems more real now.  Matt continued our summer of Ben and Jerry's ice cream with a personalized themed cake for the girls.

Scarves from Ethiopia

 Windbreakers (the girls have been begging for these for months)

New hoodies (since all middles school classrooms are apparently "freezing")

Chloe has been obsessed with the Christian rapper NF for months.
Obviously, she was thrilled to be sporting his merch.

A few bonus pics of the week leading up to the girls' birthday.
My mom was able to spend the week with us and enjoyed going to the kids' various activities.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Soccer - Back at It Again

A.J.'s sophomore year is just underway, but his soccer team is already 4-0.  A.J. has 2 goals and 4 assists through the first four games.  Here are some great pictures of A.J. taken by one of his teammate's parents from the first week of games:


Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Vacay pt5: New Hampshire/Vermont/New York

The last leg of our trip took us through New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York.  We were going to go hiking one more morning in Maine, but rain moving in ruined that plan, so we had to find something to do indoors.  We decided to go a bit out of our way to see the Ben & Jerry's factory in Vermont.

The home of Mom & Dad's favorite ice cream!

We weren't allowed to take pictures of the factory floor.

After sitting in the car in the rain all day, Essie is not sure if she likes this tour or not...

But then comes the free ice cream samples!

I think Vermont should pay us for this publicity photo.

The next day we went to visit Amy's aunt (her dad's sister) who has a farm in New Hampshire.

An impressive display of hunting trophies

Aunt Gayle shot this black bear across the road from her house.

Next it was on to upstate New York for a little family reunion with Amy's mom's side of the family.

A water balloon fight at the family picnic

Morris family reunion

A little pool time - while temps were in the 60's in Maine, the thermometer hit 100 in New York.

The boy cousins try out Uncle Kris' mowers

Amy with her sisters, mom, and a long-time family friend

And after an 11.5-hour drive home, our family vacation was over.  Over 11 days and 2600 miles we spent time in the following states: Kentucky, West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Pennsylvania.  What a trip!