Sunday, December 31, 2017

Christmas 2017

We spent a quiet Christmas at home this year and somehow it still took me a week to get this post made.

Christmas jammies!

Chloe helped me with a Neild family tradition-Aunt Rosie's cinnamon rolls.
Aunt Rosie was the lady who raised my Grandpa Neild.  I never knew my Grandpa as he passed away before I was born but this recipe has been handed down through the family.  I grew up with my Aunt Gloria (my Dad's older sister) making these every Christmas.

You have to make the dough the night before and let it rise in the refrigerator. 

Christmas morning, I woke Chloe up at 6:30am so we could roll out the dough and form the rolls.  

Chloe with her masterpiece

We nailed them and they tasted yummy!!!

We headed next door to Grandpa and Grandma Kinnell's house to get the turkey started and open presents. 

Grandpa made is homemade stuffing.

Aunt Buffy helped him stuff it.

 basketball socks from Meemaw

Wizards sweatshirt from Aunt Buffy-John Wall plays for the Wizards & is a former UK player

 Essie's face just cracked me up in this photo

socks from my kids

The girls getting really tired of mom taking pictures
Not every 12-year-old girl askes for NBA shirts but former UK player Demarcus Cousins now plays for New Orleans and Devin Booker plays for the Phoenix Suns.

All I asked for this year was a pair of Muck boots and Matt found them in purple!

All smiles now that we ate breakfast

Matt was very excited since he ended up with every item from his Amazon Wishlist (some of which had been there for several years but everyone tries to surprise him by ordering things not on his Wishlist.)

Why, yes, that is Colonel Sanders riding a chicken on my shirt. 

My fancy, lady gloves were a gift from my hubby

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Merry Christmas, All Is Well

This is Matt and our friend Rose singing at our church's Christmas Eve service:

Thursday, November 16, 2017

UK Hoops

Some generous clients of mine gave us tickets to a UK women's basketball game.  
Essie was, unfortunately, sick so it was just a mommy/Chloe date. 

 Great seats


 Chloe hanging out with Joe B Hall 

 Goofy kid

Friday, October 20, 2017

Soccer Season Wrap-Up

A.J.'s Freshman season of high school soccer is now in the books.  His team lost in the Regional Final last night, 2-1.  A.J. scored the only goal for the Colts in the loss, his 13th on the year.  He finished the season second on the team in goals scored (13) and assists (6), including 4 goals and 2 assists in the Regional Tournament, where he was named to the All-Tournament Team.

Perhaps the most exciting game of the year was a 1-0 victory in the District Championship game, where A.J. scored the game's only goal with less than 9 minutes to play to win his school's first district title since 2008.  A.J. even made the paper:

A.J.'s District Championship-winning goal

Ready to play in the Regional Final

A.J.'s goal in the Regional Final

12th Region All-Tournament Team

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Family Photo Shoot 2017

Special thanks to Moments Captured by Hannah for doing a great job with our family photos again this year.

A.J. really wasn't sure about being this close to this horse.



When Dad promises we can get Qdoba after this is done.

A.J., age 15

Essie, age 12

Chloe, age 12