Thursday, August 12, 2010

Trip to Indiana-part 2

I know you all are awaiting pics of the boys, well, so am I! But the internet in ET is very slow so I thought I'd post some more pics from our trip to Indiana to see family. The first day, we went to a local park in the small town near my sister Jen's house. They have a splash pad (which is free to use). What a great idea!!! I haven't found any of these in KY so if anyone knows of any, let me know. The kids ended up playing for 3 hours! Chloe is in blue, Essie is in pink/yellow and Hunter is the white kid. =)

Glad to know Chloe is a typical kid who has to try sitting on the water

Waiting for the bucket to fill up and pour out

So I cut Chloe's head off in this pic, but I love her face

Bucket dumped on them

Essie doing one of her many happy dances

Three peas in a pod???

Essie chillin' in my sister Kelly's pool. All 3 kids could touch the bottom of the pool so they all had great fun being independent.

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Richelle said...

Loving the happy dance!! Good times and memories with cousins rocks!!