Saturday, February 27, 2016

WES Jump Rope Team 2016

The girls have been enjoying being a part of their school's jump rope team once again this year.  Their team performed a show at halftime of an Asbury University's Women's Basketball game this week.  As always, they were highly entertaining.  We missed AJ being out there though. 

Waiving to the crowd

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Quick Trip to Indiana

Last weekend was my Mom's birthday so I made a quick, solo trip to Indiana to see her and the rest of my family.  Her new house is almost finished, which is super exciting for her.  The poor woman has been roughing it in an RV while she waits for her house to be finished.  

My Mom's cat TROUBLE (yes, his name is in all caps for a reason & this picture shows how fitting his name is).  
He was hiding in the sink and every time someone walked by to pet him, he'd attack.

I didn't realize I'd get to be part of the "fun" of laying floor.

We got the hallway finished!

Half of Mom's room done

And even got a bit of "my" room done (guestroom)

The fireplace looks great!

The kitchen is almost done.

Uncle Andy thought it would be fun to give Caleb a ride on Mom's lazy Susan.  
I'm not sure he was quite as into it as Andy was.

And then we had to celebrate the birthday girl!

We asked a friend of my parents to make a quilt from my Dad's old t-shirts and gave it to my Mom for her birthday.  She did a wonderful job.