Monday, August 23, 2010

First day of school-boys

After the boys staring at us for a week, we decided it was best to send them to school. I always recommend to my families who adopt to keep there children at home as long as possible, but I realized it is different with the boys. They are used to going to school and being with kids their own age all the time. They don't know how to play with toys or what to do with just an adult. Last week, we did plan some activities, but in the end, they were just bored. Plus they have watched the twins get on the bus every morning Part of this is because Mickey was in the transition house in Addis for 2 months and did not attend school during this time either. He is a bright boy who loves math. We bought him a math workbook on Saturday night and he spent all of Sunday working on it (w/o us asking him to). We had registered them last Wednesday, but Mickey told us he wanted to stay home with mom on Thursday. We didn't push it on Friday and by 3pm, he told me he wanted to go to school now. I had to explain it was a little late in the day and there is no school on Saturday or Sunday.

The boys had a good day at school. When I picked them up, Amsalu was crying, but only because there were so many kids waiting in the hallway with him. I think he got overwhelmed. The school did call to tell me that Mickey had bitten into his cold pack in his lunch box thinking it was food. Luckily, he was eating with his teachers and they stopped him after he had only swallowed a little and the stuff was non-toxic. Amsalu apparently threw away his cold pack. Guess I should have explained the ice packs better. But if that is the worst that happened today, I think we are blessed.


Wes And Nina said...

Yay! First day of school! Hopefully they will soon be as excited about school as Chloie and Essie were when they started. :) Not to sound all mothery, but I'm so darn proud of you guys. and MAN is that family of yours beautiful!

Kjernalds in Sweden said...

How did the kids feel about school? Did they say anything specific or make any new friends? It sounds as if the day was great. I had to laugh at the ice pack thing. Some other kids that I have worked with thought it was a popcicle also.

the kjernalds

Matt, Sara, Parker, Lleyton, and Addis Ritzmann said...

The icepack story rivals the story of them catching a bird. Thanks for sharing.

Charley and Jackie said...

precious, beautiful boys! ok...handsome when you say it them :)

Myra said...

Hi Amy! I've been checking in on you guys almost every day! I so love your positive attitude! I know it's alot of work and a big rollercoaster ride!!!! I've been praying for you guys and I'm so proud of all of you! The boys seem to be doing well and twins too! I know it hasn't been easy, but oh so worth it!!!!! Love to all!!!