Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Camden Park

We snuck away over Memorial Day weekend for a little family time just across the West Virginia border.  After a great night at a deeply discounted hotel suite, we spent Memorial Day at Camden Park, a small family-focused amusement park.  

Essie & Mom selfie on the sky lift

Essie on The Whip

The Scrambler

I couldn't help but take a picture of this sign just for the bottom two lines.

Sling Shot

A.J. LOVED the Big Dipper rollercoaster

Dad and A.J. were the only brave ones to try this ride out (at first)

Chloe on The Whip (again)

A.J. finally convinced the girls to go on The Rattler with him (& then they immediately got back on it for a 2nd ride)

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

AJ Track

This Spring, AJ ran both Middle School and High School Track, in addition to Middle School Soccer.  That's a busy schedule - for AJ and for Mom & Dad.

High School meets were a new challenge, competing against much older athletes.  AJ ran the 4x800 relay and participated in the triple jump for the high school.  At the Regionals, his relay team finished 6th and AJ finished 7th in the triple jump.

For the middle school, AJ ran the 400m and did the triple jump during the regular season.  He was the conference champion in both events.  At the middle school meet for the state of Kentucky, AJ placed 10th in the 800m run and 9th in the triple jump.

West Jessamine Middle School Track Team

Middle School Boys

West Jessamine High School Boys' Track Team

AJ running the 4x800 relay for the high school team