Monday, September 28, 2015

Sunday Afternoon Fun

After a long and difficult week, we had some fun planned for Sunday afternoon.  Amy and the girls had tickets to see Beauty and the Beast at the Lexington Opera House, and Matt and AJ went to see the University of Kentucky soccer team play Florida Atlantic.

AJ is enjoying the match more than it looks like.  He was having trouble seeing with the bright sunshine.

The UK Athletics Photogs caught this great photo of a celebration after a goal by UK Freshman Xahne Reid.

And the Cats win, 3-0!

After the game, the Freshmen were available on the field for autographs.

 Amy & the Girls headed to downtown Lexington to see Beauty & the Beast LIVE

 Lexington Opera House

(Our seats were 2nd from the top row in the upper balcony so sorry for all the heads in the photos)

 Be Our Guest

 Tale as Old as Time

 Song as Old as Rhyme

 Beauty & the Beast

 Kill the Beast!

 In the end, love conquered all and the Beast was turned back into a Prince.

 And they lived happily ever after

Saturday, September 12, 2015

More time with Cousins

Had to post some more clips from our fun weekend last week with the cousins visiting from Indiana.  Now that the twins and their cousin are a bit older, they enjoyed producing their own videos on their iPods.  These were too good not to post.

It's hard to believe it now that tonight's lows will be in the 40's, but last weekend, temps were in the 90's so we headed to the local aquatic center.

This little Philippina is a fish.  She played in the water the whole 3 hours we were at the park.  
She did not stop moving the whole time.   

Monday, September 7, 2015

Essie and Chloe Are 10!

Essie and Chloe turned 10 on Friday - no more single digits in our house.

The girls have been wanting larger bikes for a while now - they are getting so tall!

These are the faces of anticipation - what kind of birthday cake has Dad designed this year?

The girls are very into Legos right now, so we found a silicone Lego person cake mold online.  Of course, we had to make two.

Make a wish!

Mom got the head.  A little bit morbid.

New Sunday dresses from Aunt Buffy

And shirts from Grandma

The other thing the girls are really into now - duct tape.  They like to make flowers and wrap school binders in colorful duct tape.  This was the gift from their brother.  As you can see, they are getting a bit slap-happy at this point.

We go through headphones at this house like some people go through kleenexes.

Just what they wanted - a big box of Legos from all the grandparents.

On Saturday, some cousins from Indiana showed up, so we got to do the cake thing all over again.

Soccer balls from the cousins

And a flashback to the girls' first ever birthday party, six years ago.