Monday, August 16, 2010

Day 1

Day 1 is done and on the whole, I think we are doing well. We tried to relax yesterday as everyone was tired from the midnight trip to the airport (and the girls got up at 7:30am). The boys tried new activities, but we not so anxious to try new food. Some of that could be from still not feeling 100% though. It is an interesting experience to invite 2 strangers into your home and try to incorporate them into your family. Grandma and Grandpa K and Aunt Buffy brought lunch for everyone and showed some love on the kids as well. Not sure we would have survived the day without Buffy's gift of L*go sets. They were a great ice breaker.

New things Mommy learned
  • Michael is actually a size 3 shoe and Amsalu is a size 2 (Matt texted this correctly, but I got the text at 2am and didn't check it later).
  • Michael is pronounced Meecall in Ethiopia therefore Mikey really likes to be called Mickey (again, Matt had texted this but I thought he just misspelled Mikey).
  • "way" means "come" (learned this after Michael rode his bike right out into the middle of the street and crashed it.)

The bicycle club
sidenote-while Amsalu did try the big bike, he has no concept of riding a bike or balance. He ended up on Chloe's bike with training wheels and did ok. He has very little leg strength, just like the girls when they first came.

Micheal opening gifts from Aunt Buffy. The L*go sets were a big hit and a great activity to work on with Matt and I. I recommend this for new adoptive families because the children need your help in following instructions-a great bonding activity.

Chloe's new shirt from Aunt Buffy-the girls got Minnie shirts and the boys got Mickey shirt that also say Chicago on them. I find this ironic since Aunt Buffy just got a job back here in KY and will be moving down next weekend.

Amsalu's new shirt from Aunt Buffy

Essie's new shirt from Aunt Buffy

Chloe and Grandma play whack-a-mouse-sorry you can't see their faces very well, but they were having a great time.

Mommy and Micheal work on a L*go aeroplan (airplane)

Ababa and Amsalu working on a L*go car

Essie's face just cracks me up in the pic-she is such a poser for pictures.

The finished machina (car)

Essie and Michael

Amsalu with the ball

Essie & Michael

Relaxing with "The Jungle Book" which the boys have apparently seen before because Amsalu was singing "Bare Necessities" as soon as the movie started.

Some of you will remember the swing video we posted of the girls first time on a swing so I couldn't resist post one of the boys first time as well. They actually knew what it was, but not sure they'd spent much time on one before.

Meeting Caesar is always a new challenge for our kids. Day 2 has gone much better with the dog.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Your little girls seem to be packed with "personality". MAybe we get to see them some day. We are moving to Nicholasville next year.
Ia, Nina's (and Wes) mom

AaronG said...

This has been amazing to see unfold. And to see the pictures from the first day is incredible. To see the boys there at home. Wow. A true blessing.

Laura said...

I am glad to see the boys are home. I have been following your blog for a long time and just love it! I am in Louisville and in the process of adopting from Rwanda. You have a wonderful family!

Matt, Sara, Parker, Lleyton, and Addis Ritzmann said...

The boys looks great! We can't wait to meet them. Hope we can make Friday work. Enjoy your week.


Kjernalds in Sweden said...

Looks like a great first day. No major injuries and no major break downs. I will be praying as you have more days of bonding.

the kjernalds

Julie said...

I love reading you blog! The boys look great and I hope they continue to adjust well.
They're great boys, and I cant wait to meet them again next weekend!!