Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ethiopia Trip, Part One: Cairo Layover

My travel itinerary on Egypt Air featured an 11-hour layover on the way over, which provided time for a quick tour of the pyramids and the national museum.

The Meridas were traveling on the same itinerary to pick up their son Eyasu, who is from the same orphanage as our kids. Tony is an eastern Kentucky boy like myself, and we had a great time together.

You ever wonder what the Great Sphinx stares at all day long? Why, a KFC/Pizza Hut, of course!

Demonstrating turning papyrus into paper

We also went to the national museum, but you are not allowed to take photos there. The coolest thing at the museum was the King Tut collection. Having been a history teacher and seen lots of pictures of all the artifacts that were buried in King Tut's tomb, it was very awesome to see them up close and in person.


Stephanie Williams said...

Wow. WAY cool.

MaryKay said...

Same pictures we have, without you in them though! It sure is fun to see that stuff. Keep blogging.....I am waiting for more.

Jeff and Leslie said...

How cool!

We saw the traveling Tut exhibit in Chicago a few years ago. It was very impressive, but I'm sure nothing like the collection there.