Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 3

We took the boys to a local park to play a little "football". They thoroughly enjoyed the time at the park. You will see Caesar running around as well. The dog has slept for 2 days straight after only 30 minutes of free run.

Micheal wearing his Asbury College shirt-he picked it out

The significance of this picture is huge. In 3 days we went from squealing with fear to asking to walk Caesar. Way to go, Amsalu!!!

If my parents taught me anything, it was to put kids to work when they act bored so I asked the boys helped me with some yard chores.

Ok, before the grandparents freak out, I gave the boys a thorough safety lesson about the lawn mower and I never left his side. Since our lawn is half dead, I decided it wouldn't be so bad to let a novice try his hand at mowing. He had some trouble with turning and keeping a straight line, but on the whole, Micheal did pretty good.

popsicles after school

Watching "Waving Flag" video from the World Cup-they loved it!

Micheal got to talk to his friend Obsi who was adopted about a month ago.

Chloe being well...Chloe

We had a great surprise when our friends the Hughes stopped by. They are in the process of moving to the States from Northern Ireland.

Highlights of the day:
  • Everyone ate supper!!! I made spaghetti but used Wot sauce mixed with a little oil for the boys. They asked for seconds!
  • The boys brought a live bird into the house, yes, a live bird that they caught as it flew through the air. They were so excited to show me, but I squealed when it flew out of Micheal's hand. The worst part was Caesar went ballistic trying to get the bird so I had to explain that while it is way cool that they caught a bird, it is not cool to bring it into the house when you have a bird dog as a pet.


Emy said...

Thanks so much for the daily updates! You guys seem to be doing really well!! Hope to see you on Friday!

Rebecca said...

That is so funny. Grace is also very good at catching things that fly in the air, mostly bugs. I had to explain to her that catching bees is probably not a good idea.

Can't wait to meet them.

Wes And Nina said...

Man, I don't know why, but every time I think about you guys and your four "babes" I am filled with so much joy and hope. Your family is so beautiful! I can't wait to meet the boys!