Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012-part 3

Uncle Andy and Aunt Caroline joined us on Dec. 26th so we had our 3rd Christmas celebration and got to exchange presents with them.  Both my brother and his wife are airplane mechanics and Caroline works for a  large airline, which means you have to work Christmas Day (yuck!)

This was the first time Andy & Caroline had seen Caleb so I had to let him go for a bit and allow them to hold him.  (Don't worry, I snuck him back later in the day). 

Shelby got a Hello Kitty doll that she squeezed for about 30 minutes after she opened it. I think it was a hit!

Essie sporting some jewelry from Andy & Caroline

Great gift for my animal crazy sister Kelly 
My Mom found these great hats for Caroline (who loves the Grinch) and Andy.

Christmas 2012-part 2

After breakfast, Grandpa, Essie, Chloe & I got busy making Aunt Rosie's famous cinnamon rolls. The rolls ended up burning (such a bummer!!!) but we made good memories making them. 

Essie rolling out the dough

Chloe's turn

Aunt Jen & family plus Aunt Kelly & family joined us for lunch and then we had the gift exchange between the cousins.

Grandpa can't keep his hands off our new baby Caleb, but Shelby is having a little trouble sharing her Grandpa.

Baby Caleb sporting his elf outfit

Essie finally decided to hold Caleb.  I think my kids were a bit intimidated to hold such a new baby.  He's not even 3 weeks old here.

Chloe got a Tiana ballerina doll from cousin Marcus

AJ's SpiderMan football from cousin Jacob

Shelby got some new boots from Meemaw.  Shelby adores shoes!

I couldn't put the baby down just to open presents!

Cousin Hunter made this pillow for Essie

More Explorer Games!

Aunt Jen found this University of Kentucky pasta for Matt!

Chloe decided to take a turn holding Baby Caleb.

Christmas 2012-part 1

We headed to Indiana to spend Christmas with the Neild side of the family.  We actually celebrated 3 times. Here we will document Christmas morning with our immediate Kinnell clan and Meemaw and Grandpa Neild. 
On Christmas Eve, we read "How the Grinch Stole Christmas"

Interest waned as we went on to read Luke 2 (bratty kids!) 

Christmas morning, the kids woke about 8am (Glorious!) thanks to the exhaustion of playing with cousins for  3 days strait. 

Chloe sporting her new Smurf hat

Essie with her Mario hat

AJ got some UK decals for his room

Leapster Explorers for the girls...finally they all have one

 Explorer Games!

AJ got a model car & paints

New UK pants for Dad & Essie with her new art box

Chloe's art supply box

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Casserole Dish Holder

While Matt was looking for an easy woodworking project to practice on, he came across plans for a casserole dish holder to carry hot casserole or dessert dishes to potluck dinners.

Easy assembly - just 7 cuts of a 1x4.

Next it was time to stain - we went with the dark walnut.

A neat little trick to prevent dripping down the side of the can - use a rubber band to wipe your brush.

After adding a clear coat, felt pads on the bottom to prevent scarring tables

Inexpensive little handles

The finished product!

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Family Pictures!

Our great friend Cydil, who we miss very much, was back in Kentucky for a visit and was kind enough to do a quick photo shoot with our family out at Camp Nelson here in Jessamine County.  Here are the results:

A.J., age 10

Chloe, age 7

Essie, age 7

Camp Nelson is an old Civil War camp, and the kids really wanted to pose with the cannon on the grounds.