Friday, August 31, 2012

Deal of the Week

Sorry for not posting lately, I've been sick all week.  Finally feeling a bit better so had to boast on my deal of the week.  Staples had these reams of Hammermill Copy Plus paper for $2 each after a $4.99 rebate. And guess who had a $2 off coupon...ME!  Therefore the paper was free and the pencils were their hot buy of the week for back to school- 1¢ each.  So everything in the picture cost me 4¢.  Can't beat that!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


I saw this link on F*cebook and had to pass it on.  If you need a laugh, check it out.

so shameful they made a canonical american novel out of it

Saturday, August 18, 2012

AJ's 2 Year Anniversary

We celebrated AJ's 2 year anniversary this week.  He's been through so many changes in the last 2 years, we hardly recognize him!

He's grown up just a bit in the last 2 years



Hard at Work

So I've learned if you want to make a 10 year old boy really excited to help with homestead chores, get machines involved.  Our corn stalks were ready for the compost pile so AJ & I decided to put our chipper/shredder to use.  He loved using this "manly machine".

The end result-Love that chipper/shredder!

I later showed him how to use the food processor-
another machine he loved to use!

The end result of AJ (& Mom's) hard work-Zucchini Relish

Our 2 little hens laid their first eggs this week & we got a few, little strawberries

Our 1 and only blackberry (which Matt said tasted very good)

What's a Hippy?

I didn't have to work today and the tomato vines were heavy laden again so of course, it was salsa making time.  We were listening to various songs to help keep the work crew going and the following conversation ensued.

Chloe, "Who's singing this song?"
Mom, "James Taylor"
Dad, "You should know who James Taylor is because Mom loves him."
Kids, "Why does Mom love him."
Mom, "Because he's an old hippy." 
Insert crickets chirping while kids process...
AJ, "What a hippy?"
Dad, "Someone who likes to grow their own food, loves know, someone like Mom."

Dad is SOOO happy to be helping. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Saying Goodbye to the Waggoners

Wilmore is a transitional town.  Since we have a university and a seminary, many friends are here for a few years and then move on.  Today, our dear friends the Waggoners moved to Illinois in preparation for their final destination of Albania.  They will be raising fund for the next year in order to move to Albania as missionaries.  The really neat part of their story is that their 2 children are adopted from Albania, which gives them a unique "foot in the door" to the Albanian people.  If you've followed our blog for a while, you are familiar with Nathan, Cydil, Ellie & Reni.  Ellie is one of the girls best friends and Reni was born with no legs and I've posted a while ago the video of Reni trying on his "new legs" for the first time.  Cydil also takes our family photos every year (not an easy task to undertake, trust me.)  The Waggoners have become close friends and walked with us through some very difficult times.  I'm tearing up right now just realizing that they aren't just down the street anymore and soon will be half way around the world.  We already have plans to Skype them into some of our adoption support group meetings because we all can't bare the thought of them not being here.

Anyways, I wanted to link their blog as Cydil posted about their last visit to our house.  She was sweet enough to help me chop tomatoes last week and their kids loved hanging out with our hens.

First Day of School 2012-13

Today was the first day of school for our kids.  The girls were so excited they couldn't sleep.  So thankful that my kids wanted to go back to school. The girls are trying 1st grade again and AJ is trying 3rd grade again so I'm praying that this year is much easier and we see less tears of frustration.


(check out the Air Jordan's I bought for him at G**dwill for $9- wahoo!)


Off to school we go!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Weekend in Indiana

I took the kids to Indiana last weekend to spend some time with the family before school starts. 

Hanging out with Hunter and Shelby in their pool

Shelby loves my sister Kelly's dog Donavan

And who could resist that face...such a sweet boy!

Of course we had to see all the critters Kelly owns-just a few of her guinea pigs

Some new additions-prairie dogs and a tortoise

Kelly & Essie

Uncle Andy antagonizing the kids, as usual.

We celebrated my Dad's birthday with what else...cow cards and Menard's gift cards.

My dad mowed some hay down the last night we were there 
(I think just so my kids could ride the big tractor)



Saturday, August 11, 2012

DIY Subway

I have so many pics to share with you all, but we've been so busy canning salsa and freezing corn, I've been too tired once I sit down at night to do a post.  Here's a quick video from our lunch the other day.  If you can't tell, our kids are obsessed with Subway right now.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Crop Duster

The kids and I are spending a few days in Indiana visiting the fam and a crop duster flew over my sister Jen's house.  Totally fascinating! (don't worry, he's not dusting the field the kids are standing in.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Homestead Is Hoppin'

So I realize our blog is entitled  Our Adoption Journey and it is quickly becoming Amy's foray into Homesteading.  Can't help it...its just what life is right now.  At least this post, I have pics of the kids thrown in. =) 
Essie helping with the day's harvest

Just had a few Romas at first so we made some fresh salsa.   I'm loving these banana peppers that I've grown this year because I can chop them small and hide them in all kids of dishes because of their light color.

Of course the standard green bell pepper works great in salsa too

The kids decided they didn't like fresh salsa as much as the salsa I can, I'm guessing because it was pretty potent.  We went on a Frosty run after this meal and I was still tasting the salsa the rest of the night (sorry, that might have been TMI).

This is the patch of ground where our "A-frame" has been this summer. (and by A-frame, I mean the area where I took the kids' old swing set and ran chicken wire around it. I know, totally redneck, but it worked!) It's located at the end of the garden furthest away from the chicken coup.  I ran a tunnel down the back of the garden to this frame so that the chickens could be working this unused portion of the garden.   As you can see, they've cleared it of weeds &   grass so we decided they needed some new space.

Our first round of corn is done so AJ &  I moved the A-frame to the middle of the garden and expanded the fence around it. 

The girls love having more space and the shade the cornstalks provides. 

I put the kids to work this week spreading out another load of free mulch in areas where our crops are done.   It works great to keep the weeds down and is good, heavy work for sensory seeking kids. 

I had a wheelbarrow but decided to let the kids use their small buckets, as it used up a bit more of their time.

The old A-frame area now nicely tucked in with mulch

Area in front of the new chicken run

Some of our carrot harvest

AJ-the king of salsa makers-helping with our first batch of canned salsa

The girls were so excited to get to help this year...well at least for the first 15 minutes.

I had to include a picture of my new ceiling fan that after 4 years of nagging requesting, my sweet hubby finally installed.  I stood over a hot vat of salsa for an hour and didn't even break a sweat, thanks to this fan.

AJ's creative chopping skills

Its cooking...

and the finished product

We took a break in the afternoon to let the girls free-range.  Chloe trying to pet one of the girls.

Essie begged for me to let her hold one of the ladies.  I have no idea why, but its a cute picture!