Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A not-so-fun day

Today we took the boys to the International Adoption Clinic at UK for a complete physical. The 3 hour appointment is never the highlight of anyone's day, but the doctors were impressed with the boys general health. Now we just get to figure out how we are going to explain to the boys that we need 3 stool samples, 48 hours apart from each other, from each of them. Are you kidding me?!?!?!

Amsalu was very excited to try the blood pressure cuff out.

Doing some goofy game while we wait that supposedly tells you how many sibling you have based on the number of vertebrae you can reach. I didn't get it, but it entertained the boys while we waited.

Mickey concentrating very hard on the hearing test

This is the face that best describes the end of the day when we walked to the lab to get 10 viles of blood drawn on each of the boys. They really weren't happy with the TB skin test, but then when we walked to the lab, they REALLY weren't happy. Luckily a stop for pizza afterwards made all things better

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The Niedermeyers said...

10 viles? Obsi did 3 and Tamirat won't have it done until his 6mo. check. The stool....I couldn't explain it to Tamirat so I didn't. I am still having to do that. He understands now, so once school starts and we are less busy, I will explain it to both boys. I have until October when they both go back. I need to make sure the test results are in our docs hands at that time. ugh! Our doc only ordered on sample for Obsi and 3 for Tamirat...I will do one! If they see anything, we will work on more.