Monday, June 29, 2009

New Backyard Toys

The ladybug sandbox acts as a pool until we can get some sand.

Cleaning up the "new" playhouse

These girls are good scrubbers!

New used playhouse

Finally, some sand! (What a mess!)

Trip to Indiana (A Week Later)

Such a long drive! (But the girls really did great.)

Swinging at cousin Hunter's house

Chloe, Hunter, Essie

Sandbox fun

Essie loves the pool!

Essie & Amy

Hunter & Aunt Jen

Chloe & Matt

Chloe, Amy, Essie

Hunter's cool birthday cake that Aunt Jen made

Eating some cake and ice cream

Meeting Aunt Kelly's donkey - check out the look on Chloe's face

Meeting Aunt Kelly's guinea pig

Riding Grandpa's little tractor

Chloe, Amy, Essie

Grandpa's pigs

"Driving" Grandpa's tractor

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Three Months Home

With 143 million orphans in the world, one might wonder what difference an adoption can make. We have been home with our girls for 3 months now, and the difference in their lives is unbelievable. How many more children are waiting for the opprotunity to thrive in a loving home?

September 2008 - when the orphanage director met "JuJu & Jurie" whose family could no longer afford to care for them

January 2009 - the twins are moved from their village to the orphanage

February 2009 - at the adoption agency transition home in Addis Ababa

March 2009 - packing a suitcase on the day we left Ethiopia

April 2009 - home for a month

May 2009 - home two months

June 2009 - home three months! Are these the same girls we saw in September?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Friends from Ethiopia!

On Monday, we had a lovely visit with some of the kids from Ethiopia that were in our adoption agency's transition house at the same time our girls were. They now live with their forever family in West Virginia, but their grandparents live near us so they came over to play.

Afton (Tamarit to our girls), Essie, Chloe & Mastewal

I really don't think its fair that Afton's hair is longer than our girls.

Even though the girls say they don't remember Mastewal, they quickly befriended her and wouldn't let her out of their sight.

Play Time for International Adoptees

A local therapeutic services organization has opened their facility to internationally adopted children for a meet and greet time this summer. The girls loved the toys and everyone was amazed at how advanced the girls are for only being in the US for 3 months. For anyone in the Lexington area that may need speech, physical or occupational therapy for your child, whether biological or adopted, I highly recommend On The Move Pediactric Therapy.

This was the girls favorite apparatus

Too Cool



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy 30th, Amy!

Essie playing cars with our friend James

Some Videos to Make You Smile

Singing from the "hymnal":

A little Gumuz music:

Bouncing babies:

Chloe talking on the phone: