Friday, August 13, 2010

Friday's update

I spoke with Matt briefly on the phone this morning. Michael has been sick since yesterday-headache and stomachache. He is thinking its just motion sickness because he only throws up when in a car (which apparently was quite often today). No fever so we're pretty sure its not malaria. Amsalu is apparently just going with the flow of things, but what else can the poor kids do when he doesn't speak English? Well, I guess he could throw tantrums (which I've seen other kids do) so I guess he's doing well. They leave for the airport at 6pm our time (1am in ET) for a very long day of traveling. They fly into LEX at 11:50pm tomorrow. Everyone knows its no fun traveling with a sick kid, especially across the Atlantic, with 4 layovers, so please pray Michael starts getting better soon.

The poor bus monitor had to practically drag the girls off the bus today due to exhaustion. Essie had me carry her half way to the house. But then she ask why they couldn't go to school tomorrow. The big news of the day was they got candy out of the treasure chest for having good behavior all week. They also got to see their friends Jenna and Ellie, but Ellie was apparently too busy looking at something else in the hallway and didn't see them waiving at her, to their great disappointment. The girls are now enjoying a movie (b/c they definitely need some downtime) while Mommy is scrambling to get work that I get paid for done and get the boys room put in order. I have 5 home visits scheduled tomorrow in Northern KY so will have very little time to accomplish anything before the boys arrive tomorrow night. We'll post photos as soon as we can (hopefully on Sunday).

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