Thursday, August 12, 2010

Essie got caught

Essie came home today with a big sticker on her chest saying she got caught being a good listener and helper today. Apparently she cleaned up a big mess under her work table today. She was so proud I thought her chest was going to burst so I of course had to take a picture! Mommy is very proud too!

Matt texted me at 2:22am, forgetting about the time change. He said Michael wanted to tell me that he loved me and thanks for the gifts (good sign!). He also gave me the boys sizes, which I thought I'd better post as many of you have been asking. Michael is wearing size 10 and shoe size 3. Amsalu is wearing size 7 and shoe size 2. You will note that I referred to Micah by his Ethiopian name because we are not sure what to do about names now. Amsalu says he's open to a new name, but Michael doesn't like Micah because its too similar to his name. So we are taking some time to think about it. All their documents still have their Ethiopian first names listed so there's no rush (other than I don't know what to write on the "welcome home" banner). I believe the Jewish custom is not to name a child until the 8th day so Mazel tov! Will keep you posted.


annieglan said...

What about naming Amsalu Isaiah?

Amy said...

Its definitely being discussed, just afraid to confuse our girls.

Stone Bridge Farm said...

Congrats to Essie! I am new to your blog...but I am just loving it! The girls are adorable... and the boys, very handsome! We too are caught in the adoption process. We will be completing our homestudy within a few months...getting financial stuff together first. We are very much considering Ethiopia. I just love the culture!
Anxiously awaitingnews of the arrival of the boys...and Hubby too!:)

MaryKay said...

I am biased...I love Ethiopian names!