Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lord Help Her Husband!

Chloe had her 3rd OT appointment today and I took some video to show you all one of the activities she got to do.  You will hear some background noise from other kids who were there.  This activity is to work on her core strength because she never got tummy time as a baby (would have been strapped to someone's back as in infant, most likely). All my clients and friends who have adopted can tell you I've been on a huge OT kick lately and preaching at all of them to get an evaluation done for their kids. So I wanted to show you what one does at OT.  We did a lot more, but this was the last & most fun thing (according to Chloe). 

After OT, we ran over to Kr*ger to get a few things and they have a Sushi chef.  I asked Chloe if she wanted Sushi for lunch and she said "YES!"  Lord help her husband, this girl is not a cheap lunch date. I actually love that she loves Sushi because I was never exposed to such things as a child.  We got a combo pack ($5.99) that had Salmon, Tuna, Crab and Eel (yea, I didn't realize it said Eel til after we were done eating).  I also got a small Lobster spring roll ($3.99).  It was all excellent and I had packed drinks from home so all in all, it wasn't that expensive. 

We had to eat in the car so we could get Chloe back to school.  

One last video.  Chloe told me at school they've been working on some surprises for Mother's Day.  She said they had to write about what their mom does.  I wish I could have gotten her on video the first time she said it because it was so cute how she said it. I did get her to video tape herself on my phone as I was driving.  Remember, she wrote this so thus the "period" when she's done talking.

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CatchingSomeZZzz said...

"And have a lot of paperwork" is my favorite part (other than the whole helping moms and dads get kids thing). :)
Well done, Chloe!