Sunday, May 27, 2012

My Week in Pictures

Its been a crazy, busy week with it being the last week of school and AJ's last week of soccer, which means tournament games. 

The chickens started exploring a bit more of the yard during their free-range time.  
They even went up the side yard, under the deck.

Essie and Chloe started some summer tutoring at Asbury U.  
They were so excited to become "college girls"

Tuesday the kids had no school due to Election Day.  This is how they ended their lunch break-in separate corners.

I hit Goodw*ll, looking for some sneakers for Chloe and ended up with all this stuff for $20.  YAY!

Wednesday, its was just the girls and I for supper as Matt & AJ were gone with soccer. I had to take a picture of our meal because we ate these 2 personal pizzas that I got for free with coupons and topped it off with a can of pineapple, that I also bought with a coupon.  Feeding 3 people for less than $1, not bad!

I saw this mailbox on Thursday, when I was driving around Winchester for work.  I loved it so much, I turned around and went back to snap a picture of it.  Who doesn't love a Manatee???

The first our our harvest this year-radishes!

Chloe received the "Show Respect Award" at school

This is how the girls "watch" AJ's soccer games. 
Remind me is it 2012 or 1992?

On Thursday, I got this out to cut up for supper and Chloe yelled, "A waterball!"
It just made me laugh.

Like our new tires?  You'd better, we went in to have 1 tire changed because it had a bulge and ended up replacing all 4 tires, the brakepads and the emergency break (which disintegrated while they were working on it).  This is the car I drive all over KY for work and it just passed 100,000 miles.  I knew the tires and brakes were bad, but we got some sticker shock when the final bill came in. It was all work that definitely needed to be done though and now I feel like I'm driving on a cloud.

After getting the kids to bed one night this week, I came downstairs to find this in my bathroom.  I can always tell when Essie has used my bathroom because she always leaves a pile of magazines.  I keep reminding her that she could get done a lot faster if she would put the magazines away, but hasn't heeded my advice yet. 

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Allie Rhodes said...

Ian is also loving being a college kid....I was grateful he had familiar faces there. He talks about the girls a lot.