Thursday, May 31, 2012

Big Purchase Thursday!

Chloe joined the Girls with Glasses Club today so we had to snap a few pictures.  Sorry the lighting is so bad on the 1st one.  You can't even see how cute her little, purple glasses are.  Now everyone will have an easier time telling the girls apart.  Chloe has purple glasses.  Essie has pink glasses. 

I also took the kids to Wal-M*rt today so they could spend some of their hard earned allowance money.  Big purchases for the girls (since they NEVER spend their money)-shoes and wedding Barbie & Ken).  AJ spends his money quite frequently so he just bought some candy.

We had fish sandwiches for supper tonight, which, apparently the girls hate (good to know).  I told Chloe I wish she would eat her bun and not waste it.  She said, "You can feed it to the chickens, then its not wasting.  That's recycling!".  I just had to laugh and allow her to feed it to the chickens. 

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The Waggoners said...

Ellie will be thrilled to see her friends in their new eyewear. I can already hear the chattering that will ensue...