Monday, May 28, 2012

Daniel Boone Adventure (Day Two)

It was another blazing hot 90-degree day, but we continued undaunted on our Daniel Boone Adventure.  Our stop this Memorial Day was Fort Boonesborough, a replica of the fort built by Daniel Boone and the first Kentucky settlers.

Three kids ready for some more history!

The entrance to Fort Boonesborough - this replica was built in 1974.

A family portrait inside the fort

This room was set up to look like it belonged to a settler who just arrived at the fort with few possessions.

This room was set up to represent the resident of a settler who had enough wealth to bring some possessions with them into Kentucky.

The girls check out a bear skin on the wall of the fort tavern.

AJ gives the bear a pat on the head.

Sitting down at the table, waiting to be served

The fort carpenter gives a demonstration.

The blacksmith's assistant stokes the fire.

The fort blacksmith demonstrates how to change the temperature of your cooking fire by using hooks to raised the pot up or down.

This lady makes lye soap that is sold in the fort gift shop.

The kids check out the soap that is curing on the shelf.

Chloe and Daniel Boone

Pounding corn into meal

The fort cobbler shows us some different types of frontier footwear.

A deerskin moccasin

The girls were fascinated by this display of many ways to relieve oneself in the 18th century.

Amy is always drawn to the garden.

The kids relax in a dugout canoe.

This stone marks the location of the original Fort Boonesborough down by the Kentucky River.

About 9 miles from Boonesborough is Boone Station, another place where Daniel Boone lived for a few years.

This stone identifies the members of the Boone family that are buried at Boone Station, including Boone's son Israel who was killed in the Revolutionary War Battle of Blue Licks.

The Boone Station property is mostly just fields now.

Taking a walk around the property

All in all it was another fun, but tiring day.  We ended it by going to Matt's parents for a Memorial Day cookout.  The kids took some runs down the slip-n-slide to ensure they were good and tired out for the night.  Our Daniel Boone Adventure will have one more stop this week.  Until Wednesday...

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Leveta said...

I think it is so neat that you are doing these educational things like this with your kids. My husband is a big Daniel Boone fan and we traveled through that way a few years ago but didn't have time to stop. We did visit his home he had near St. Louis,MO.

Have you ever been to Lincoln's home in Springfield, IL. Very neat. At New Salem which is close by (where he lived as a young man before he became a lawyer in Springfield) everything is set up as it was at that time wih people dressed up in that time period.The 1st weekend in October they have a candlelit tour of the area and at the end give out yummy gingerbread and hot chocolate.