Saturday, May 26, 2012

Daniel Boone Adventure (Day One)

As we were trying to plan what to do with Memorial Day Weekend and the week between school ending and summer camp starting, we decided to embark on an exciting educational extravaganza of family fun.  We are spending the week learning about the famous Kentucky explorer, Daniel Boone.

 Matt bought the kids each a Daniel Boone coloring book that he found on Amazon and brought home lots of Boone books from the public library.

 After watching a great little educational cartoon about Daniel Boone, the kids settled in to reading about Daniel on our way to Cumberland Gap - the gateway to Kentucky (about two and a half hours from our house).


 At the entrance to Cumberland Gap National Historical Park in Middlesboro, KY

 Amy stands with one foot in Kentucky and one foot in Virginia.

 The kids straddle the Kentucky/Virginia line.

Matt and the kids check out the Pinnacle Overlook.

Chloe reads up on Powell County, Virginia (view next picture).

Essie looks out into Tennessee.

 The little town of Cumberland Gap, Tennessee, from above

 AJ looks back into Kentucky.

 Looking back across the ridge at Middlesboro, Kentucky

Exploring cool rock formations and trees with dad




 Civil War cannon

Welcome to Tennessee!

 The only buffalo you'll see in the area these days are artwork.

Travelling the Wilderness Road from Tennessee to Kentucky - just like Daniel Boone!

Taking a brief break on the trail

A little mountain stream provides some cool relief on hot skin

Chloe is really squinting a lot lately when she smiles.  She's not in pain, just smiling.

Some weary travelers

Chloe takes a rest.

This monument was erected by the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Splashing barefoot in the stream to cool off




Back at the trail entrance after over 5 miles of hiking!

Back in Kentucky!

This cabin was at the Cumberland Gap welcome area.  The kids loved it.

Cumberland Falls doesn't really have anything to do with Daniel Boone, but it was so nearby where we were travelling that we had to stop.

AJ's first trip to the Falls

Chloe was all about posing on any rock she could climb on.

Cumberland Falls - the largest waterfall east of the Mississippi and south of Niagara

We made it home a tired bunch of Kinnells, but it was a very fun day.  The kids learned a lot about Daniel Boone, and because they experienced it first-hand, the idea is they won't soon forget it.  We are learning that our kids learn so much better if we can teach them in a multi-sensory way. More to come on the Great Daniel Boone Adventure next week...

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