Monday, May 21, 2012

Adoption Picnic

Sorry its been a week since I've posted.  Its definitely summer time around here and therefore I'm out in the garden most nights.  Yesterday was my work picnic, which meant I was too busy talking to clients to snap any photos, but Matt got a few of the girls. AJ ran off with friends as soon as we got there so sorry, no pics of him. I know my clients got some of my kids so once they post them to facebook, I'll steal them and post them here. =)

My boss hosts an annual picnic and invites all the families that Adoption Assistance has completed home studies for to come and enjoy free food, petting zoo, bouncy houses, face painting, etc.  She also puts flags up from every country that we've helped families adopt from.  Its so fun to see all the kiddos running around.  And my kids are old enough now to have friends from other adoptive families to run off and play.

Essie & Chloe

The picnic is at a local park that has a tank out front as a memorial.

Update**I knew Emy would have a few pics.  Thanks for letting me steal them!

AJ & his buddy Ben (who's little sister is in blue below)

So much Ethiopian cuteness!

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Emy said...

you know me, I had my camera snapping away, even if the boys weren't too happy about it I made them get in a pic or two! HA!