Monday, April 30, 2012

Crazy Saturday

What a wild Saturday!  With Amy out working in Northern Kentucky, Matt and the kids went out to nearby Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

The kids did great on the 2-mile hike, enjoying the fresh air and exploring nature.  We had a close run-in with a skunk that crossed our trail, but managed to keep our distance.

Overlooking the Kentucky River
After our hike, AJ went off to a soccer game with his neighbor friend, and Matt and the girls walked down to our local Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Only the restaurant was closed.  So they walked even farther down to the local Subway.  That's a lot of walking in a day for two six-year-olds!

Meanwhile, AJ had a little mishap playing around at the soccer game.  While playing goalie, the soccer ball hit him in the hand, bending it backward and hurting his wrist.  We went back and forth about whether to take him to the ER for an x-ray.  It is hard to judge, because AJ has a very high tolerance for pain and tends to try to hide it.  We finally gave in and took him to the ER where the x-rays showed no breaks.

AJ's wrist is feeling much better, for which we are very thankful.  It would've been a bummer for him to spend his birthday this week in a cast.

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