Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Daniel Boone Adventure (Day Three)

It's the much-anticipated final installment of the Kinnell's Daniel Boone Adventure!  We drove over to Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky, to view Daniel Boone's final resting place.  Daniel and Rebecca Boone were originally buried in Missouri, but their remains were brought to Kentucky in 1845 - 25 years after Daniel's death. (Though some in Missouri claim the wrong bones were exhumed and that the Boones still rest in Missouri.)

Boone's grave overlooks a great view of the Kentucky state capitol building and the Kentucky River.

The monument is engraved with scenes from Boone's life.

It's hard to make out, but the inscription reads "Rebecca Boone".

An engraving of Rebecca Boone on the monument.  (Amy says, "MILKING A COW?!? She birthed 10 children and raised 6 more while her husband was off exploring!  And they engrave her milking a cow?!?)

View of the Capitol and Kentucky River

This has nothing to do with Daniel Boone - just a neat tombstone.

This cool monument to "Our Confederate Dead" was surrounded by rings of Confederate soldier graves.

This monument to Kentucky military dead was erected in 1850.

While we were in Frankfort, we decided to go on over to check out our state capitol.

Inside the Capitol Rotunda

Posing with a statue of President Abraham Lincoln - born in Hodgenville, Kentucky

Kentucky's other president, Jefferson Davis - born in Fairview, Kentucky

Chloe posing with Justice William Mcanulty Jr.
The first African American justice to sit on the Supreme Court of KY

Inside the Kentucky Supreme Court

The Kentucky State House of Representatives

The desk of our state representative, Bob Damron.  (At least until he gets us redistricted out of his constituency.)

The Kentucky State Senate

Posing with the Colonel himself

The Kentucky Governor's Mansion

The famous Frankfort floral clock

So ended our Daniel Boone educational adventure, for the most part.  (I've still got 200 pages of a Boone biography to finish reading.)  We all learned a lot and had a good deal of fun together as a family.  Amy is "all Boone'd out" and ready to put him to rest.  So, until our next big adventure...

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Sarah Whitworth said...

Amy, when you get ready to do more history and want to come to Frankfort, please contact me and I passes for the Historical Society.

Sarah Whitworth