Saturday, May 5, 2012

Happy Birthday, AJ!

Thursday was AJ's birthday, but we saved the big party for the weekend when Amy's mom and dad could be here to help celebrate.  Here are some pictures from the big shindig:

 AJ wanted an Iron Man cake, so this is what Matt came up with.

 Birthday boy

 Blowing out the candles

 Chloe loved blowing up the balloons (a great sensory activity!)


 An Iron Man cartoon!

 Grandma & Grandpa Kinnell gave a new X-Men Leapster game.

 Goofing with our neighbor and AJ's bff, Jamin.

AJ loves birthdays

 Very excited about the Star Wars Legos from Aunt Buffy

 An X-Wing fighter!

 The kids check out a cool electrical circuits science project from Grandpa & Meemaw Neild

 A large package decorated by Essie & Chloe

 What could be in such a big box?

 A junior archery set!
(AJ has always loved bows and arrows, usually making his own out of sticks.)

 Essie tries out the Iron Man mask.

 Chloe reading her favorite comic, Garfield, with Grandma

 AJ & Jamin try out the bow & arrow

 Dad gives it a whirl

 Dad brought out his old 20-year-old BB gun for a little target practice.

 Dad teaching AJ how to use the sights to aim

 Essie is locked and loaded.

 Dad helps Chloe learn how to shoot

 Grandpa and his girls

 Aunt Buffy, Grandma, Chloe, & Grandpa (picture by Chloe)

Meemaw and Mom playing with their e-readers together (something that one never would've envisioned)

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