Friday, May 27, 2011

Kindergarten Awards

My babies are growing up WAY too fast. Today Matt & I went to their classroom to see a short program and see them receive their Kindergarten graduation certificate. Of course, I forgot my camera. UGH!!!!! I was kicking myself over and over, but hey, its just been one of those crazy, busy weeks.

Essie received the "Eager to Participate" award as she is always willing to join in whatever the class is doing. Side note: Essie & Chloe did Essie's hair last night while I was at work and surprised me with it this morning. I had asked Matt to take her braids out, but had no idea the girls had combed a part down the middle. I was impressed with their effort.

Chloe received the award for "Most Willing to Try New Things". This is SO true of Chloe. Even when we first got the girls, Chloe was picking up English words the first week. Essie is much more likely to hang back until she has mastered a new concept before she will try her skills. Essie barely spoke any English the first 3 months the girls were home. Then one day she said, "Ababa, can you help me?" Matt and I just looked at each other and said, "When did Essie learn English?"

In keeping with her award, Chloe was the only child to help me pull weeds in the garden tonight. She also enjoyed transplanting some flower seedlings and spreading mulch.

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