Monday, May 2, 2011

AJ's 9th Birthday

Today (Tuesday) is AJ"s 9th birthday. What fun to watch your child have his first birthday party ever! A lot of people tell me they don't want to adopt an older child because they don't want to miss out on all those "firsts" in their child's life. We had to celebrate AJ's birthday last night due to a full soccer schedule this week and all I kept thinking the whole time he was bouncing around the house is this is WAY more fun than watching a 1 year old smear cake in his hair and be overwhelmed by all the attention. Our poor boy couldn't even eat a whole piece of pizza due to his excitement. You know he must have been excited because he easily polishes 4 or 5 pieced normally. He just kept saying, "I''m so happy. I can't eat!"
Matt & I surprised even ourselves with our amazing (if I do say so myself) collaboration on AJ"s cake. AJ told me he wanted a yellow cake (b/c this is his new favorite color) with UK blue frosting and batman.

Meemaw & Grandpa, Aunt Kelly & Jeremy watched on Skype while we tried to keep AJ to sit still long enough to open presents.

A skateboard from Aunt Buffy! I need to stock up on band-aids.

Mickey gave AJ his favorite thing!

Matt & I gave AJ a new bike. This was definitely needed since the poor kids old hand-me-down bike has no breaks. AJ has worn out at least 4 pairs of shoes in the last 8 month, using his feet as breaks.

Sorry these videos are so dark, but I couldn't resist posting. The audio is too cute to not share.


Buffina said...

Even though I was there to witness it, these videos still make my day. I've never seen a kid so excited, and that was before presents! I'm just glad I get to be around to share in his "happy"ness. Love that kid.

Suzanne Howell said...

Love this Amy! Happy birthday AJ! I had to link your blog at my blog today because I love this that much!

Jolene Shrock said...

Just awesome!! Brought tears to my eyes just thinking about how different life is now!! What amazing blessings you all have received!

The Waggoners said...

Happy Birthday, AJ! (though to Ellie you will always be Amsalu!) We're so glad you have such a great family to celebrate with!

The Ritzmanns said...

Happy birthday AJ!

Glad he had a nice birthday party.

GenieneandBrian said...

Happy Birthday A.J.
I love first birthdays!

Rachel said...

That is awesome!! Im sitting here crying! We (in the states) take the little things like a birthday party so lightly! This brought joy and excitement to me. My husband and I are in the beginning process.. as in, praying and thinking about adoption from Uganda!! This made me want it so badly!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday, AJ, from your Great-Aunt Karen. I enjoy watching you on the blog as you grow and become more a part of your family. God bless you.

Great-Aunt Karen

Richelle said...

Happy birthday, AJ! So exciting to see how much you enjoyed your first party!

Pam said...