Monday, May 30, 2011

A day at the pool

We, along with the rest of Jessamine County, decided to head to the YMCA's water park today to try and cool off from these high temps. (wasn't I just complaining about turning on the heat a few weeks ago???) The kids loved the afternoon splashing in the park, but we learned that 4 hours at the water park is an hour too long. Cranky, tired kids were no fun to deal with tonight! AJ actually fell asleep at the supper table, but I couldn't get the camera fast enough before everyone's laughter woke him up.

Essie went down the water slide by herself after the other kids decided the wait was too long. Very proud of Ms. Independence! I actually got more shots of Essie than the other kids because after she got done on the water slide, it took us a while to find the other three kids.

Essie praying the water will fall right on her.


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