Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mickey

Today is Mickey's 11th birthday, and we had a great celebration. People often pity adoptive parents for missing so many of our children's "firsts". But we still have some great firsts, and the first birthday is very special. Mickey always fears that things in his life will be a disappointment, and the birthday was no exception - he was very worried that his birthday would be a letdown, and because of that, so were we. But things seemed to go very well, and Mickey seems satisfied, and that is a good thing.

Superman cake baked by Amy and decorated by Matt

Our 11-year-old

Mickey wanted a "UK and Superman cake"; since we couldn't fit all that, we went with a Superman cake and UK plates.

Jersey of Mickey's favorite basketball player - Brandon Knight

A boy's first pocketknife - just like Dad's (and more importantly, MacGyver's)

Soccer goal from Aunt Buffy

A new bike in Mickey's favorite color - orange

New school shirt from Meemaw

The girls "helped" AJ blow out his candles on his birthday, so Mickey jumped the gun a little trying to get his before the girls could "help".


The Waggoners said...

Happy Birthday from the Waggoners! ;-)

Richelle said...

Happy birthday, Mickey!! Hope you have a great one!

Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Cake looks good!! Happy Birthday, Mickey!

The Steele Family said...

Happy Birthday Mickey man! From Luke Steele, love your bike!