Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Sunny Day of Soccer

After freezing our way through a rainy spring soccer season, today was 80 degrees and sunny, and both AJ and Micky had games. The glow on Dad's face is not just pride, it's quite a bad sunburn.

AJ's team, the Firestorm, has made a surprise run in the U10 rec-league tournament, and their win today earned them a spot in the championship game on Sunday.

Mickey's select team played the other select team from our county. Mickey scored 4 of the game's first 5 goals in a 7-2 win. The win locked up a division championship for his team, which is now 9-0-0 in league play.

The referees and parents from all teams bragged on both of the boys today. They are quite the little soccer stars.

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