Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Day at the Aquarium

Today was primary day here in Kentucky, and the kids had the day off school. So after casting our ballots, we took the kids to the Newport Aquarium. (Special thanks to Uncle Ron and Aunt Ok who sent some money for us to do something fun!)

Overlooking the Ohio River with Cincinnati in the background brought out a chant the kids learned at school: "Boo Ohio State! Boo Ohio State!"

Checking out the shark tank

Mickey and an octopus

Just the right number of frogs in the Frog Bog

Taking a break in the jellyfish room

Measuring up to a hammerhead shark

Mickey just touched a shark!

Essie goes in to pet a shark

Chloe and Essie waiting for a shark to pass close enough to touch

See how the Kinnell kids compare to a shark's weight

Chloe makes some penguin friends

Chloe and AJ watching the penguins swim


Essie & Chloe


Watching a shark swim by

AJ, Essie, and Chloe


I think Chloe & Essie have seen about enough fish for one day.

One last shark before heading home


annieglan said...

Too bad it wasn't a nicer day so you could go to the zoo too.

The Gutmans' said...

Awesome, great pictures. We love the Aquarium. How sweet of your aunt & uncle, i'm sure they will love seeing the pictures of your fun day.

Leveta said...

Beautiful children and so glad you all got to have such a fun day.