Friday, April 6, 2012

Farm Chores

Had to do one more post about our trip to Indiana.  I think you all know by now, but my parents live on a small farm and my sister Kelly lives next door with her small petting zoo.  She has the craziest animal collection, but it makes for great fun for the kids.  In the next few weeks, she will be adding prairie dogs.  That ought to be interesting!

Moving "Weedie" the goat from Aunt Kelly's pasture to Grandma's backyard to do some...well...weeding.

Cleaning up leaves

AJ learned to drive the lawnmower and man, was this Momma scared. 
He did fine though, even if he only ran in a crazy 8 pattern.

What's a trip to Grandpa's without moving some firewood .  Aunt Jen spearheaded the endeavor as a great activity for all our sensory seeking children who were starting to get on each other's nerves.  It worked.  They stacked wood for an hour and then played the rest of the day together without fighting. 

Shelby even helped, well...a little bit

I had to include pictures of my dad's "herd".  He has 5 babies this year and they are all cute as a button.  

"Orio", momma to black baby below.

He's so cute, but man, is he a stinker! 
We watched him chase the other male calves all the way around the pasture.

This is my sister Kelly's dog Donovan.  He is a big nuisance, but also a big lover, which is great for a sensory seeking child who likes to "hug" big dogs. 

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