Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One Lucky Homesteader

The Good Lord was smiling on this urban homesteader today.  First, I was using my new mulching machine (that my Dad bartered for) to mulch up some limbs from a tree our neighbor cut down.  Look at all this beautiful (FREE) mulch!

And my machine chops it up so finely!

When I was unloading my mulcher, I heard a familiar sound, a tractor, and I remember that a neighbor a few doors down had her garden tilled up every year by someone who used a tractor.  I motioned to sweet farmer Ted (not sure what his name was) and he said he'd be happy to come over and til up my garden too!

The girls (and by girls, I mean the chicks) were so excited at all the tilled up soil, that I had to let them out for some free rangin'. 


Just look at that beautiful, soil!  

Now I just need to plant something!
Happy planting everyone!

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Scott and Jennifer Schaetzle said...

Scott says you just need some goats tied up in the yard to look like the Clampets. He now wants me to post a pic of our beautifully tilled garden on our blog, lol!