Thursday, October 17, 2013

Some Farm Fun

The kids are on fall break this week and with Grandpa came home from the rehabilitation center on Tuesday (YAY!), we figured we'd better stay close to home this week.  I took the kids down to the next county to visit my friend Kelly's farm.  Kelly and I were suite mates in college and honestly, I can't remember the last time we saw each other (crazy since she lives just 30 minutes from Wilmore).  Kelly and her husband Matthew raise beef cattle and Freedom Ranger meat chickens.  I wanted to scope her chicken operation out, as I hope to start raising my own meat birds (as soon as I find some affordable land!). 

Davis, AJ, Essie, & Chloe love on Louie, the farm dog extraordinaire!

Essie with one of the Freedom Rangers (5 weeks old)

This is me visualizing myself raising my own meat birds one day

Davis thought the chickens wanted to play ball with him.
The chickens were not impressed.

Davis wanted to show us around the farm on the Gator

oops...we ran out of gas

A quick refill on gas and we were off to see the big bulls (and I mean BIG).
All in all it was a fun way to spend a  beautiful fall day.
Thanks for the hospitality, Kelly!

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