Thursday, October 31, 2013

Compost, compost and more compost

Last week, we had a few freezing nights so its time to clean out the gardens. Essie decided to help with the pepper bed.

Now I know what she was really after- a snack!

This week, the temps have been much more seasonable and mild so I decided it was time for the big garden cleanup. 

Essie pulling marigolds

Chloe (yes, this is just 1 marigold plant)

AJ got to use the mulch machine to suck up pine needles.

Chloe wanted to show off how big our pile was.

Once again our ladies enjoyed getting to work on the compost pile.

I got 6 bags grass clippings from a friend the next day so the pile got even bigger!

Once again, the chicken had to lend a hand beak.

Yesterday, the kids had a half day of school and the weather was so mild, we all wanted to be outside.  I scored about 50 bags of leaves the night before so I put the kids to work again.  AJ had a friend over and by the end of the afternoon, another neighborhood boy joined us.  They had a great time ripping open bags of leaves and piling them up.  They had so much fun, they wore out my mulching machine (hoping they just clogged it up).

I wasn't joking when I said 50 bags, we'd already used 6 bags by the time I remembered to take a picture

Boys love machinery

Boys broke machinery so we just decided to pile them up

Field of Dreams organic matter

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