Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Carvin' Time

After a cold, nasty day yesterday, the skies cleared today for a beautiful October afternoon.  We had our first frost last night and it was a hard one, but today warmed up to about 60 degrees.  We decided to carve our pumpkins outside, mainly so the mess stayed outside as well. 
Chloe (left) and Essie (right)

Working on their designs

Note the clean up crew roaming in the background

Chloe being gross

then getting down to business.  She did an excellent job cutting out her design with very little help from me. 
Essie with her pirate

Chloe with her ghosts

I missed a picture of AJ & his hand from the crypt.

The clean-up crew moved in once the kids ran off to play

And I was left with the job of picking out all the seeds from the pumpkin goo

Roasted pumpkin seeds

 Happy Halloween!

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