Saturday, October 12, 2013


There are only a few things I like about fall: cooler temperatures and leaves.   Summers in Kentucky are sweltering.  The humidity is ridiculous! But then fall comes and the daytime temps hover around 75 and evenings dip into the 50's. And then the leaves start falling.  Seeing as I grew up in upstate NY, the changing of the leaves here in KY is no where as beautiful.  They kind of turn yellow and then just fall.  But since I'm a wee bit obsessed with compost, I love driving around town and spotting bags of leaves setting out for the trash man.  I scored last week and found 25 bags at one house.  I saved a few bags for future use in the chicken run but after a friend gave me 5 bags of grass clippings, I decided it was time to build a mondo compost pile in the garden.  The chickens will enjoy scratching around in it and come spring, all I have to do is rake it throughout the garden.

Of course you can't compose a giant leaf pile without jumping in it at least once...or maybe twice.

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