Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kill the Beast

WARNING: the below photo is a bit graphic. 

 I went out to collect eggs today and found this guy staring back at me. He was sitting right in one of the nest boxes.  I tried to get him into a live trap, but once he jump out of the duck house at me, it was on to the one by one piece of lumber in my hand.  Not the recommended weapon when taking on an awake raccoon in the middle of the day (can we say rabies?!?!) but its what I had in my hand.  I've had numerous issues with predators since starting this little homestead and I knew if I let him go, he'd be back again. I'm actually shocked he didn't kill a chicken or duck and didn't appear to have eaten any eggs either. I NEVER want to have to take care of a predator with a piece of lumber again.  Seriously will be looking into something with a little more fire power (and someone to teach me how to use it). 

1 comment:

Richelle said...

Wow! Dragon slayer!! That would scare me so bad! If it had been me, I probably would have done my best to scare it off and when it came back(like you said it probably would)I would send Jim out to meet it! Lol! You are so brave!!!