Thursday, December 22, 2011

Oh What Fun!

Our favorite Albanian born friends came over this afternoon so you know with 5 kids, a dog and way too much Christmas candy around that we'd have a blog post coming.

The kids had their Christmas party last night at church and they wanted to try on some of their gifts from their teacher, Miss Carissa.  Thanks for the fun!

Reni saw the camera and had to jump in the shot

Ellie made some great towers today so we had to get some shots of them.

Everyone hard at work on different projects

The kids went camping in the living room.

Reni was thrilled to get a spot by himself for his cars and motorcycle.
He didn't seem to mind that it was a Tinkerbell tent.

The girls couldn't actually lie down, once they got all 3 of them inside the tent.

AJ chillin'

I'm not sure I've ever seen a boy so infatuated with cars.  He played with them almost the whole 3.5 hours they were at our house. 

Reni wasn't so sure about Caesar at first, but you can see our good dog won him over

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The Waggoners said...

Loved those! Giggled when Reni told Caesar, "Don't bite my finger!" after running his car over Caesar's body! He's obviously not used to doggie tongues!