Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deck Build-Day 1

So the stairs leading to the side of our house have almost completely separated from the top platform.  It was something we hoped to postpone, but this home improvement project has gotten too bad to ignore.

note how the top step is anything but level

This is the view from underneath where the top step is supposed to attach to the cement platform...pretty sure you should not see the entire end of the nail.

or daylight for that matter

Note where we painted white 3 years ago and how the stairs have shifted

Ok, lessened learned: a deck should never be anchored to a cement slab.
It should always have its own support beams.

I put the stick up to show you where the cement slab was originally poured

And here is the culprit for our woes...the gutter that has no where to drain but under the cement

Let the destruction begin!

This picture is for my Dad-just wanted you to know our contractor is A OK.
My Dad used to work for Werner Ladders

So I had to run an errand and when I came back, the drainage issue was taken care of

and the workers were on to digging the footers for the posts

What's taking so long guys, its just a couple of 2' holes...
ah...that's the culprit, a large chunk of KY limestone 
(Sidenote: our contractor asked us if we wanted to save some $$ by digging the footers ourselves.  He couldn't even finish his question when Matt & I both said,"Nope, we'll pay you to do it."  This is way: KY limestone)

End of day 1: holes dug and ready for cement

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