Thursday, December 1, 2011

An Early Christmas in Indiana

Since the whole Neild family was together over Thanksgiving (& its our Christmas to spend with Matt's family), we decided to have Christmas with my family. Our kids were thrilled (of course).

Chloe got some fun butterfly lights for her room from Aunt Jen & family

I had no idea Shelby would love the puzzle we got her so much, but I think she liked it more for the banging noise it made when she clapped the pieces together than for the educational value.

ShrinkyDinks-who knew they were still around??

Meemaw's paint books were a hit-painting & princess: two of the girls favorites!

One of the nicest surprises of our visit was AJ & Hunter becoming buds. Here they try on the Superhero dress-up clothes that Meemaw & Grandpa got for AJ for Christmas.

We got Hunter a huge box of Lincoln Logs (thank you Meijer clearance sale). As you can see below the boys were quite creative with them. For the record, the 2 story part of the house is where the boys sleep and the back, left, part is for the girl's bedroom (according to Hunter & AJ). The flat roof section is the eating room and living room.

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