Thursday, December 8, 2011


No time to make any real post, but after cleaning up Caesar's vomit at 3 am today (because he got into hot bean cans that he pulled out of the recycling bin yesterday) Matt thought this poem would cheer me up.

I spend lots of money on dog food, and that is so absurd,

Because that ungrateful dadgum dog likes eating sticks and horse turds.

My dog has fat-free dog food; it also helps his breath, I’ve heard.

But my dog couldn’t give a darn. He likes sticks and horse turds.

Animal righters say dogs are just like humans, but I think their vision’s blurred.

Because I like burgers and fries; my dog likes sticks and horse turds.

Caesar with an empty peanut butter container.

Note to Caesar: peanut butter good for dogs; hot beans NOT good for dogs

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