Monday, December 19, 2011

Deck Build-Day 1.5

Saturday was sunny but cool. The contractor came and poured the concrete for the footers in the morning and in the afternoon, I decided to put the kids to work.  They helped me move the broken up concrete to the other side of the house, where I'm building a raised planting bed.  Heavy lifting, pushing and pulling are all good activities for sensory seeking kids so there is a therapeutic benefit to manual labor.  Of course I didn't discuss all that with my kids, they were just happy to help Mom (well, most of the time). 

The footers

Chloe being goofy, as always.

Essie picking up a gigantic rock (above) and then Chloe showing off her big muscles with the same rock (below)

Our neighbor Jamin helping out

The boys tried to pick up this big piece of limestone that hinder the pouring of the footers the day before.    The girls decided to help.

But in the end, Mom needed to help and there was no one left to video.

But here is the proof that we got it moved to be the cornerstone of the retaining wall.

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