Thursday, December 8, 2011

Go UK Hoops!

The Kentucky Women's Basketball Team was playing the #5-ranked Duke Blue Devils in Rupp Arena tonight, and we were able to score $1 tickets to go see the game. It was a really fun atmosphere, and the kids had a great time.

Spelling out "C-A-T-S" on our way to the game

Rupp Arena

Amy and the girls

Essie, AJ, and Chloe

Matt & Chloe

Matt & AJ

The UK Cheerleaders

The kids loved the free pompoms they handed out before the game.

Dad tries a new hairdo.


Final score: Cats win 72-65!

Coach Mitchell and the team sing the fight song after the game.

Tired kids on the way home

Some videos from the evening:

Team Introductions

Cheerleaders spelling out "C-A-T-S"

Essie and Chloe get into the music during a timeout

The team takes the court after halftime

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Leveta said...

Looks like a fun time was had by all. I love college basketmall too. Universlty of Missouri here(O: Thanks for sharing the pics of your beautiful children.