Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Break: Sunday Drivin'

We started Sunday at church with Gigi and Pawpaw. Matt sang a couple of songs in the morning worship service, much to Gigi's delight.

Sunday best

Chloe and Essie try out the rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel

Surely Essie won't be able to eat all those pancakes and peaches, right?

Wrong. Back toward Kentucky we go with full bellies.

A fortuitous potty break provided an unexpected stop in Metropolis, Illinois.

Kids pose with Superman

AJ and Essie

Dad and Chloe

Mom: "Get into the phone booth."
AJ: "What's a phone booth?"

Off we go on our way again!

We drove down through the Land Between the Lakes and stopped at the Woodlands Nature Station. (We were going to drive through the bison and elk prairie, but they told us the animals were too far off the road to see that day.)

Essie gets up close and personal with a snake!

An 18-year-old coyote

If you look carefull, you might see the sleeping bobcat, which the kids were excited to see, because we just finished reading "We Killed a Wildcat at Sugar Creek".

That's not a fake deer. He was off down at the bottom of his enclosure before Matt used his hillbilly skills to call him up close to us.

Wild turkey (the animal, not the whiskey)

Bald eagle

AJ tests his wingspan against a bald eagles'



I think dad wins.

Petting some animal furs

Chloe on the shore of Lake Barkley

Dad and Essie across the way

A little hiking among some neat rock formations

Getting feet wet

AJ swore he would catch a fish. I guess this minnow counts?

The 351-foot-tall Jefferson Davis Memorial Monument at his birthplace in Fairview, Kentucky. When Chloe saw it from the highway, she said, "Look! Rapunzel!"

Dad reads Jefferson Davis' "Salute to Kentucky"

All this boring history doesn't keep these kids down

Just hangin' around

Settled in to watch a movie as the sun goes down.

Last goal of the day: get to the hotel in time to do some swimming before bed. Success!

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