Monday, October 10, 2011

Fall Break: Monday at Mammoth Cave

The last big activity of our Fall Break road trip was a visit to Mammoth Cave. The kids were very excited to go underground for the first time.

Waiting for the tour to begin

Heading down into the cave

Going deeper into the earth

Watch your head, Dad!

Whoa...deep hole.

Getting ready to head into "Fat Man's Misery"


Squeezing our way through

A quick family photo

Apparently Landram's Sax-Horn Band was there in 1855.

Back up into the sunlight

Back above ground, but enjoying the cool breeze from the mouth of the cave

Chloe is reading up on Floyd Collins, a man who was trapped and died in Sand Cave in 1925. The rescue effort was one of the most covered U.S. news stories between the two world wars. Hundreds came to help in the unsuccessful rescue attempt and thousands gathered to watch the excitement.

The mouth of Sand Cave, where Floyd Collins was killed.

All that walking, and still three happy children.

And Mom and Dad are still smiling after driving three kids all over Kentucky.

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Jackie said...

You and Matt have made the most beautiful family. Oh, and God had His Hand in it too. Love you